Wheat results 2023


A reliable recommendation on which wheat to sow in autumn is very important, and the best recommendation is certainly the result of the harvest!
In the following text, you can see the results from production and trials at our hosts.
The assortment of wheat would be categorized according to earliness:

Very early: Basilio, Nogal

Early: Complice , Providence, Frenetic 

Medium: Cellule, Winner, Rubisko, Euclide


Cellule winter wheat, which has found its place in production among our producers thanks to its high yield potential. Excellent tillering and the ability to produce a main spike plus 2-3 lateral spikes of equal size - are what set Cellula apart from other varieties on the market. The consistent yield year after year proves that Cellule is an indispensable variety on your farm.


Cellule prinos

Complice new early wheat that has been growing in our fields in the last two years. It tolerates stressful conditions and lack of rainfall very well, where in such conditions it gives the best possible yield compared to competing varieties, while in ideal conditions with a good distribution of rainfall - Complice is a definite winner!




Providence a completely new medium-early variety, produced for the first time this year in our country. French genetics have once again shown that they are unsurpassed in terms of yield and good milling quality. We recommend Providence for intensive production conditions: where there is a good supply of nutrients (micro and macro elements) and where full agrotechnics are applied.



Basilio is currently one of the earliest wheats in the region, and this is a great advantage in unpredictable climatic conditions such as ours. It is characterized by low growth, and tolerates denser sowing and increased nitrogen fertilization. The recommended sowing rate is around 220 kg/ha.




If you are looking for both quality and a high yield, then Frenetic is just for you! Frenetic is characterized by a high protein content and a good milling-bakery profile, but at the same time a good yield. Wheat of mid-early growing season, with a sowing rate of around 220 kg/ha, is definitely the favorite of all farmers and millers in terms of quality.


Frenetic prinos

In recent years, we have witnessed that the population is increasingly looking for flour and pasta made from high-quality durum flour. Our company contracts the production of durum wheat to Toscadou. It is early durum wheat, with a high content of yellow pigment and high glassiness of the grain. Read more about contracting and durum production HERE. The production of durum is becoming more and more justified because the yield can be very similar to ordinary wheat, and at the same time an additional premium is obtained for durum. 

Toscadou prinos


In addition to the mentioned wheats, there are also the well-proven NOGAL, EUCLIDE and the brand new WINNER wheat, which has a medium growing season, tolerates extensive conditions very well and ensures a high yield without compromise!




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