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Foliar fertilizers

Foliar fertilizers

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STARTER – liquid formulation with accentuated phosphorus also contains nitrogen and magnesium is a biostimulator for crop nutrition and soil activator, improves the availability of minerals, helps roots development and encourages plant growth. Intended for foliar fertilization of winter cereals, oilseed rape, corn and soybeans at a dose of 3L / ha.

PROLEO - liquid foliar fertilizer with a pronounced content of boron and molybdenum essential for plants.Improves pollination. Improves the formation and vitality of nodules - nitrogen fixation.

PROLEO® improves the physiological condition of the plant, strengthening it against various stressful conditions such as nutrient deficiencies and unfavorable climatic conditions. Improves sugar accumulation. Improves oil accumulation in oilseeds.

Foliar fertilization at a dose of 2.5 L / ha intended for soybean, sugar beet, sunflower and oilseed rape crops.

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Proleo for soybean
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Starter for wheat barley